The Armband of Michael Jackson

I am a very huge fan of Michael "The King Of Pop" Jackson . I can tell you that if it wasn't Michael , my life would have been a lot different . Just as a quote from some movie says ... " YOU CAN LOVE HIM . YOU CAN HATE HIM . BUT YOU... Continue Reading →



" WHAT IS NORMAL TO THE SPIDER IS AN ABSOLUTE CHAOS TO THE FLY .. " I've first seen this quote as the whatsapp status of my brother . Then i started thinking about how baffling is the concept of "NORMAL"  ... So .. let me start with the situation where people meet and be... Continue Reading →


why comedy?? For the broken hearts ... For the forgotten childhood ... For the emotional drama ... For the left outs ... For the hard workers with broken results ... For the ones with financial struggles ... For the ones with academic struggles ... For the awkward social situations ... For finding the sarcasm that... Continue Reading →

Oh boy, was my face red

It was in my 10th standard(we call it standard and not grade ) . Board exams were getting closer and the school was torturing its students with a bizarre timetable of 4 periods in 8 hours . That is each period gets 2 hours . Two periods before and post lunch . So, one day .. first period... Continue Reading →


Here's how it all started for me. As a kid , i visited my cousin's place in summer like a regular indian . It was my grandmother who told me about cricket . The first player she told me about was JONTY RHODES. She explained me about his DIVING run out.     "IS IT... Continue Reading →

B- Business

"Investing and selling your product or service in return to the money given by the customer " If that is what came to your mind when you hear the word "BUSINESS".. well... you have heard only one side of the story. The other side of the story starts even before the thought of starting a... Continue Reading →

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