” .. Or may be we are in a simulation right now…” – ELON MUSK

If you are into conspiracies , you might have thought about time travel and may be existence of aliens . One such conspiracy is simulation . Yes , think about it .

” 40 years ago we had pong …like two rectangles and a dot . Now 40 years later , we have photo realistic 3D simulations with millions of people playing simultaneously and it’s getting better every year . “

So, we have come a long way from playing pong on computers to feeling like we are actually in the game through virtual reality glasses . If this development continues, may be lets just say a thousands years later from now , it might become beyond a certain resolution indistinguishable from reality . It might be possible that you will never get to understand what reality is . You might come out of the game and still question yourself whether everything that is happening around you is reality or you are still in the simulation . Mind blowing . Isn’t it?

Ever thought of Déjà vu and the Mandala effect ? If we are presently in a simulation that is being played 1000 years later from  now and  if  we experience Déjà vu , there is a 100% chance that it is because someone had restarted the game . Isn’t it why we feel that we have done something already ?? And the Mandala effect might just be a glitch in the software . Fishy right ?

Thousand years from now the population of the world might increase or decrease . Let us just assume that there will be 1 billion people on this planet . So, every individual will have one simulation each . What are the odds that we are in base reality ?? Isn’t it 1 in a billion??

While sleeping tonight , how will you know that you are not in a game that is being played a 1000 years later from now??  Kill yourself and expect to respawn ??



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