If you have seen the movie ” THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION”  , i am pretty sure that you will never forget the scene where a character of an old man named ‘Brooks’ commits suicide after he is released from the prison that he lived in for almost 50 years . I was hit by the state of  melancholy for almost three days or so after watching that scene.

I am just very curious to engineer the gravity of the emotions in that scene .  In this movie, Brooks is an old prisoner who is nice to everyone around and an educated guy who is appointed as a librarian in the prison . He also has a pet raven named Jake . As years pass by he is paroled . And the day before , he actually thinks about is his life outside the prison among the people he doesn’t know . He plans to extend his prison time by putting a knife to other inmate’s neck . However , he wont kill him and gets paroled the next day.


After he comes out of the prison , he is given a job of packing the food in a store and also a room to live . The idea of this scene is to show how lonely Brooks felt after being paroled and the director Frank Darabont nailed it . The expression of sadness and a hint of fear on the face of Brooks explains it all . He managed to show Brooks in a frame where everyone else in the frame looks away from him isolating him from everyone .


Brooks narrates ” I can’t believe how fast thing move in the outside. I saw an automobile once when i was a kid but now they are everywhere . The world got itself in a big damn hurry..” This shows how long he has been in prison . He never got a chance to witness the change in the world and the people  . And then he enters the room that he has been given .

maxresdefault (1)


Right after he opens the door , he sees a large room which he had never seen during his time in the prison and gets confused as to how he should live alone in that big room  .

He says that he gets nightmares and wakes up from them not being able to remember where he is . He continues to narrate “Sometimes after work , i go the park and feed the birds. I keep thinking that Jake(his pet) might show up and say hello..” . The camera first shows only birds and then slowly moves to the hands of Brooks with no human around ,feeding the birds ,showcasing how alone he is out of the world of prison that he grew up in. Then he decides to die by hanging himself in his room . He climbs up the stool with a knife in his hand to sketch “brooks was here” on the piece of wood hanging to the ceiling .The camera shows him sketching on the wood and then shows him pushing the stool beneath him . Focusing on the wood where he wrote “BROOKS WAS HERE” , the camera slowly descends to show Brooks hanging to the rope .

“These walls are kind of funny. First you hate ’em, then you get used to ’em. Enough time passes, gets so you depend on them. That’s institutionalized. They send you here for life, that’s exactly what they take. The part that counts, anyways.”


These words from Red, a fellow inmate of Brooks ,explains how he felt when he was released from the prison .  The direction , the camera with the background music and a wonderful voice over made the audience feel the shock and sorrow hitting them . Brooks now is there with them from now on.  


this post is inspired from a  video on youtube




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