Oh boy, was my face red

It was in my 10th standard(we call it standard and not grade ) . Board exams were getting closer and the school was torturing its students with a bizarre timetable of 4 periods in 8 hours . That is each period gets 2 hours . Two periods before and post lunch .

So, one day .. first period post lunch happened to be the study hour for ENGLISH . As we were tired of studying the grammar and the stories in the subject , two guys along with me decided to chat for a while . Me, Koushik and Prabhakar were in one bench . Prabhakar started telling us about the new and viral song then “why this kolaveri ..why this kolaveri di ??” . And Koushik was explaining about the same to me. Three minutes into the chat … English teacher caught us chatting . He was pissed and informed the same to Santosh Kumar Bash….

who is S.K.Bash ..??

well, every school has that one teacher who is a cannibal ….. the one who goes after children to quench his hunger of entertainment …. S.K.Bash is that cannibal of our school..

so, he called out Prabhakar …. Prabhakar got so beaten up that he revealed that we were talking about that song. All that happened in the absence of me and koushik . And then that cannibal decided to call me out . He sent one of the juniors who was very mischievous …the one who always gets called to the principal .I still remember the expression that junior had when he came with a message that i was called to the office…





so , when i went to him …he asked what was the fuss about … i replied .. ” nothing sir, i was just asking important questions ” …. He nodded his head(sarcastically) and asked me to call Koushik … i went and called out koushik to the office ….. koushik didn’t know what prabhakar and i explained to that cannibal …… *by that time neither did i know that prabhakar already revealed * … He asked the same question to him …. “what was the fuss about?” …. Then i realized that me and prabhakar gave different answers obviously and that was why he nodded sarcastically …..


it was at that moment …i knew i screwed up !!!!


Koushik replied ..”sir, i was underlining important points” … and then the cannibal told back the reasons that each one of us had …. warned us ….didn’t beat the crap out of me and koushik like he did to prabhakar … And after that moment, every time i encountered that cannibal … i was very ashamed to look at his face …


p.s when i think about it now , it isn’t so embarrassing  but back then i was very ashamed that i was caught lying





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