Here’s how it all started for me. As a kid , i visited my cousin’s place in summer like a regular indian . It was my grandmother who told me about cricket . The first player she told me about was JONTY RHODES. She explained me about his DIVING run out.




IS IT A BIRD OR Jonty Rhodes ?!”



I was so excited to see it but back then there was no YOUTUBE , so i couldn’t . But there were TV channels which telecasted the highlights of cricket matches.I was eagerly waiting for the channels to telecast that run out by Jonty Rhodes. That is when i saw SACHIN the god TENDULKAR for the first time and fell in love for his batting. I used to bunk school just to watch him play . I mean…c’mon ..which Indian doesn’t ??? Fast forward..

On 24th February 2010 , i was watching INDIA vs SOUTH AFRICA with my brother and this happened …



SACHIN- 200*




He became the first ever circketer  to score a 200 in an ODI …. That moment …. my brother lost it …was screaming like a retard … and i was just numb …. The man that i idolized my entire childhood achieved something which was impossible at that moment…I was able to hear the people out on the streets chanting his name …. firecrackers …. That was the moment i would never forget  … The entire stadium chants “SACHIIIINNNNNNN SACHIN SACHIIIIINNNN SACHIN” … I still get goosebumps every time i see that video on youtube after an year … The dream that Sachin had all his cricketing career was full filled



He  won the world cup with India in 2011 after playing 5 world cups



Another emotional moment for all the cricket fans and as well as the man himself is Sachin scoring 100 centuries in the international cricket ….


On  march 16 2012 he scored 100 international centuries




What would be the most emotional and important day for a man who have achieved almost every thing in the field that he is in other than his RETIREMENT ….

SACHIN retired on  16 November 2013 from international cricket, breaking millions of hearts … I still remember his retirement speech . Every cricket fan’s heart just stopped for that moment when he started his speech by saying “MY LIFE BETWEEN THE 22 YARDS IN THIS 24 YEARS..”tendulkar-new_660_111513061949.jpg





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